Online Tee Booking System


Covid 19 Response

Following instructions from England Golf, in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, every member must book a tee time prior to arrival, they cannot just turn up.


Do not attend the Golf Course with COVID 19 symptoms!

A group of senior members have played regularly on Wednesday mornings for many years. The system will allow anyone to book those tee times, but please do not book for that session unless you are 65 or over!

Reserved Times

We are closing the course for a couple of sessions per week to allow Peter Thompson time to cut the fairways, mow the greens etc. We will either do this by blocking out the tee times as Reserved or simply removing them.

Allowed Groupings

  • Individuals playing golf on their own
  • Two-balls comprising of individuals from different households
  • Members of the same household playing in two, three or four-balls. 

Logging In

When you access the MasterScoreboard Castlefields page, you will see that it is now restricted to password access.

Select your name from the drop down list and when you do this for the first time use the general password supplied to you by email.

I suggest that you check the Remember Me box and then click the Login button.

You will then be able to set your own password to something memorable.

Select a day for your booking

Click on Future Competitions - near the top, towards the left and you  will see a list of days for which bookings are available.

Click on the Book button for the day you want to play on.

Note : We are not running competitions at the moment, but we cannot change the text shown on the web site.

Select a tee time

Choose your tee time and whether you want to start from the 1st or 10th tees.

Click on the Book button for that tee number and time and you can then add another member if two spaces are free.

MasterScoreboard Web site

When you have understood the instructions, please click the button below to login to the system.

Mobile website

You will probably find this link works better on a smartphone.


Playing with a Visitor

Some clubs are not allowing visitors at all for now, but we have decided that we will allow just 3 visitors per day. Social distancing rules means three different members will be able to invite three different visitors.If these places have not been booked, and you pick a tee & time with 2 spaces, then you will be able to select Visitor A, Visitor B or Visitor C as your partner and add them to your booking.
Your visitor must pay the required green fee by online banking - not cash or cheque - using their name as reference.

  • Green Fees Midweek £8
  • Green Fees Midweek  (Juniors) £4
  • Green Fees Weekend £10
  • Green Fees Weekend  (Juniors) £5

There is no need to go into the clubhouse to register your visitor in the book. However, for insurance reasons you must email the details (date, member's name and visitor's name to either or


Additional Information

Cancelling a booking

You can cancel your own booking and you should do it as soon as you know that you have to so that the slot is freed up for someone else.
If you have booked for a fellow member, then they will have to cancel their own booking.
To cancel a Visitor's booking please contact Rob Moore or David Bartliff - contact details at the bottom of the page.

Playing in a Family Group

Members of the same household may play in groups of 2, 3 or 4. There is no facility to enter 3 or 4 names in the system - simply reserve a tee & time for 2 people and do not worry about it! 

Evening Play

Those people still working are allowed to play in the evening but only if one of the tea time slots is free, i.e. book a tee & time of 16:20 but arrive later and fit in. 

Further Help

If you have any problems, then please email Rob Moore ( or if it is urgent ring or text 07771 588335.

Alternatively David Bartliff will be able to help - email or if urgent phone or text 07752 695051.