Play Safe - Stay Safe

Main Instructions

  • Stay at least two-metres apart at all times
  • Pre-book all tee times
  • Do not touch anything on course, including the flag
  • Only use your own equipment and golf balls
  • Leave straight after your round
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly
  • Do not go into the clubhouse unless necessary
  • No competitions yet - just recreational golf

The committee will take disciplinary action against anyone disregarding these instructions. 


Respect the social distancing rules - stay 2m apart at all times!

Only go into the clubhouse if necessary

  • Arrive no more than fifteen minutes before your round 
  • Leave the club no more than ten minutes afterwards
  • Congregation before or after the round is not allowed.
  • If your clubs and other equipment are in your locker, we suggest that you take them out the first time you play and then take them home.
  • Bring your own food and drink - you are not allowed to get any from the clubhouse
  • Take all your rubbish home
  • The toilets will be open - please leave the changing room doors ajar so that you don't have to touch the locks / handles. If we run out of soap, paper towels or toilet paper, please let Richard Badrock know immediately.
  • Only one person in each changing room at any time.
  • Do not go into the clubhouse just to get score cards - there is a downloadable copy below that you can print at home.
  • If you do have to go into the clubhouse make sure the outer door is locked behind you.

On the Course

Respect the social distancing rules - stay 2m apart at all times! 

  • Take special care to stay apart on or near the tees and greens.
  • Do not shake hands, fist bump or high-five
  • Bunkers are in play but the rakes have been removed - please make sure that  you use a club or your foot to ‘smooth over’ bunkers.  If the ball lands in a poor lie it may be lifted and placed within 6 inches of its original position.
  • The cups in each hole have been inverted so they are shallow and you should be able to retrieve your ball without touching the flagstick. A putt is considered holed if the ball strikes the flagstick and bounces away provided it does not finish more than 12 inches away. Normal Gimmes are encouraged and you should definitely not hole out from less than 12 inches.
  • Respect our neighbours' property - do not peer over fences if you hit a ball out of bounds. Report this by email to any member of the committee - do not go into the clubhouse to log it in the out-of-bounds book!

Online Booking System

Every member must book a tee time prior to arrival, they cannot just turn up.

HandicapMaster have generously upgraded our handicap system to allow use of an online booking system for tee times. Full instructions are available on another page - see link below.

  • You can play alone or within a household group or in two balls with one person from outside your household.
  • The system will limit each member to 1 tee time per day. It will not limit how many times per week you can play but please try to be fair to your fellow members and do not book a slot every day.
  • At the moment we are going to allow a very limited number of visitors per day. This will be reviewed if members are not able to easily find available tee times for themselves.
  • We are going to try to keep a rolling programme of 9 or 10 days available for booking.

Review of these instructions

The committee will review these instructions at the beginning of June unless a major problem arises before then.

More Help

If you need any more help, please contact a member of the committee.

Score Card

Download and print at home

Download PDF